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Steelgal NZ Ltd offers a broad range of Lighting & Roading solutions for specifiers, architects and Engineers in the scope of design and manufacturing of unique products for their projects.


Whether it’s octagonal, round, rectangular, square, tubular, tapered – whatever your specifications, we have the ability to engineer an extensive range of poles and towers up to 65 metres in height. For ease of maintenance, our state-of-the-art products are available with intelligent features including internal motors for winching flood light grids up and down, bottom hinging light towers, as well as precision aligned mountings for LED lights.


RAMSHIELD™ and MSKT End Terminal is a total MASH compliant crash tested Steel Barrier System setting the standard and future proofing road networks around NZ – NZTA M23. RHINO-Stop® car park, pedestrian & warehouse barrier systems provide superior design, rapid installation, and driver confidence. Full-scale crashed tested. Compliance to AS/NZS 2890.1 Parking Facilities. Compliance to AS/NZS 1170.1 Structural Design Actions

Superior Performance & Durability

Rigorous testing and quality controls throughout the manufacturing process ensure our galvanised steel structures meet all the stringent standards demanded by international regulatory codes. Continual research and development has led to our products having superior safety, performance and durability in response to stress factors like deflection, vehicle impacts and exposure to environmental elements.

With the support of our partners, Steelgal NZ offers leading technology for your Lighting & Roading solutions.

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