It has been brought to our attention that some suppliers are advising that there is currently no MASH barrier products available for supply at this present point in time. This is patently wrong.
In June, Waka Kotahi issued a notice to the market regarding MASH Road Safety Hardware and the possible supply constraints.  This was based on information that had been provided to them from all parties regarding steel & shipping increases as well as the issues around shipping constraints.

Steelgal NZ Ltd, late last year recognised what was potentially going to happen in the global market and put in place a strategy so that we could minimise the disruption to our clients. We invested substantial funds and time, in order to ensure that the NZ market would have MASH product available. This has not been easy, but our current stocks are a reflection of those decisions.

We currently have large stocks of End Terminals, our Ramshield Barrier, Wire Rope Barrier and all associated components of our complete MASH barrier systems.
If you have any questions regarding supply of products, please feel free to contact the team at Steelgal NZ.

Still No Issue with Stock
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